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How to Live a Happy and Healthy Life

For a healthy life, there are some basic steps which need to be taken on a regular basis. It is not the number of steps, but the factor that they have to be repeated daily which ultimately makes the difference. Eating good food and drinking lots of water on a daily basis are very important. The most[...]
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Healthy Diet Drink

For healthy skin and body functions, it is important to consume loads of water of a daily basis. Water is also helpful in detoxifying blood. More salts can be added to this water by preparing lemonade. In fact, lemonade is considered to be healthier than several health drinks. Lemon is also a great [...]
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Best Health and Beauty Tips

If fitness and skin concerns have been bothering you, we’re here to help out. On this health and lifestyle blog, you can find some of the most helpful illustrative articles, discussion and videos online addressing all such issues. Our expert writers advise you on healthy foods and simple exercises, [...]
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The Lemon Detox Diet

Lemonade does a great job of reducing weight from the body. The lemon detox is famous for being used in order to lose weight, so much so that even celebrities are fond of the same. Beyonce had subscribed to the lemon detox diet when she lost 20 pounds for a movie role. Lemonade cleanses the body and[...]
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How to get a Fitness Transformation

Staying fit should be a life motto. A healthy diet includes fruits, pulses and many vitamins. Avocado is one such product that is considered to be rich in nutrients, buttery and delicious in taste. It is a multi-nutritious fruit that makes every dish balanced and healthy. Avocados have healthy nutri[...]